Research Week 2020: 3rd Annual Architecture and Engineering Conference

The third annual Architecture and Engineering conference opened on Monday 12th October 2020. This year’s edition is a first ever virtual research week at the University owing to the measures put to curb the spread of Covid-19.

The event has brought together researchers from both local and international institutions and organisations. This years’ event themed “Research and Projects on Innovations in Technology and Manufacturing, Sustainable Environment and Secure Energy Systems” has brought together research projects focusing on clean energy and environmental sustainability as other varied topics all bent on improving environmental sustenance and energy management.

The papers presented have explored various energy sources and how to properly manage them. Among them was a talk by Prof. Michael Gatari on nuclear energy as an alternative source of energy in the country. Prof. Gatari alluded that the use of nuclear as a source of energy is a sustainable and safe as long as all the safety measures are observed. He further gave examples of the high caliber of research and research fellows being produced by the Institute of Nuclear Science as a perfect example of how Kenya is setting a standard for all its neighbors’ to follow. He touted it as a safe and clean method of energy production if well regulated.

The conference which ends on Wednesday 14th is expected to create awareness of alternative forms of clean and sustainable energy.