Gichunge Hezekiah

Gichunge Hezekiah

Professor of Construction Management


BA, MSc, PhD Special Skills: Project Management/ Arbitration


Contact information

College of Architecture and Engineering,

University of Nairobi

P.O Box 30197-00100 NAIROBI, KENYA

Tel.: +254-20-2724529 (office) 0722835750 (Mobile)




Recent publications

Gichunge, H. (2001): “Factors that contribute to cost of provision of low cost housing in Nairobi, Kenya.” Published conference proceedings on Low Cost Housing I, CMTSI, PP 1-12, International Conference on Spatial Information for Sustainable Development, Nairobi, Kenya, 2-5 th October 2001.

Gichunge, H. and Aligula, M.E.(2003): “Risk management and Construction procurement patterns in Construction projects in Kenya: The Way Forward”. Nairobi Journal of Management, VOL.6, pp 43-63.

Mbeche, I.M. and Gichunge, H. (2003): “Risk Management in Building projects: An Analysis of time and Cost Risks”. Nairobi Journal of Management. Volume 6, PP 117-145.

Gichunge, H. (1991): “Value Engineering and Constructibility Improvement Studies.” A Paper presented in a workshop on Project Management, Construction and Architecture, FADD, University of Nairobi.

Gichunge H. (1993): “International Contracting for the Construction Industry in changing times”. A paper presented in A.A.K Professional Practice Conference on 29th – 30th October 1993, at Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi/Kenya.

Olima, W.H.A and Gichunge, H. “Emerging Environmental concerns in Nairobi: The Case of East African Towns in transition,” GLCA/UON Symposium, from 17th -19th June 2002, Heritage Voyager Hotel in Mombasa.”