Raouf Shawky: the father of photogrammetry at UoN

T his is a description of Raouf Shawky Rostom, Professor of Photogrammetry, and father of the Department of Geospatial and Space Technology at the University of Nairobi. Born in 1938, in Cairo, Egypt and brought up as an Egyptian Coptic Orthodox, Raouf , now 74 years old was educated in Cairo and joined the Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University, graduating in 1959 with a B.sc degree in Civil Engineering. Because he was at the head of his group, the faculty decided that he should get a government scholarship to study for a Ph.D in the Soviet Union.

Engineering in Covid-19 era

The Corona virus pandemic is presenting new challenges to engineers worldwide. The disease which has been declared a global pandemic is spreading fast due to ease in travel and interactivity in the modern world. The world therefore requires a multidisciplinary approach if we are to fight it successfully. The pandemic which is straining medics the world over requires solutions fit for a world in which technology in travel and communication has eased movement of people, goods and information to virtually all parts of the world.